About us


Founded in 2019 in the Capital city of Cameroon by a group of diverse youth, the Development and Emergency Relief Initiative was birth from numerous observations. The most famous being the urgent need for modern approaches to news coverage and media activities in a rather fast growing continent plagued by humanitarian emergencies and sustainable development setbacks. More so, the necessity of “living healthy” in an age of globalization, where production is struggling to meet demand due to an unending rising population, leading to poor feeding and living habits. Keeping also in mind that the sustainable development goals cannot really be attained without equal rights between men and women, DERI found its root with the aim of advancing women rights and the girl child. This goes in due line with our aspiration of promoting youth employment, entrepreneurship, regional development and climate action. It goes without doubt accurate that the growing number of the youth population in Africa is an impediment for peace and development. At such, the urgency of creating and promoting equitable opportunities has never been this important.

Our team is comprised of top notch specialist in their fields. They consist of an array of skilled project managers, software developers, communication experts and policy analysts. As a non-profit, we put our time and energy at the service of African communities to combat hunger, foster gender equality, sustainable development and peace.

Mission Statement

The Development and Emergency Relief Initiative (DERI) is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of promoting: digital communication for development and emergencies, digital learning in situations of informal education, promotion of good health and nutritional habits, agriculture, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

DERI is designed to strengthen digital communication in emergencies while enhancing Sustainable Development through corporate social responsibilities. We invest in young people across Africa by using advanced technology to provide solutions to the myriads of devastating crisis impending their growth and prosperity.

Through our work, we help communities and organizations attain their communication goals by providing up to date research methods to develop and improve digital communication and innovation in order for them to attain their project goals.


As solution providers, our missions is to intervene and provide solutions in the areas of digital communication, Good health and nutrition, Youth empowerment and Entrepreneurship, the positive use of social media, Regional development and climate action. To achieve these, we set ourselves the objective of promoting conferences aimed at advancing quality education. Moving further, we organize seminars on best feeding habits and community activities to combat acute malnutrition, work with organizations around their communication strategies in order to provide better insight to the population. Our real strength lies in the desire to work towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals in Africa.


Our vision is to build communities which are representative of all. We seek to work with people and organizations of varied background; be it in policy, education, health and climate change to advance dialogue, one which is inclusive and equivocal to all communities. By so doing, we put in place series of projects every year which indeed move in symbiosis with the agenda 2030 of United Nation and agenda 2063 of the African Union that which works towards building the “Africa we want”. Our presence goes from North to South and East to West of Cameroon. Our vision knows no boundaries and our projects and collaboration neither.

We have solid and firm goals. We envisage a world void of crisis and epidemics impeding growth and prosperity. We want to attain this by researching and providing digital communications and innovative methods on programme delivery. Using two vital compasses: the SDGs and Agenda 2063 of the African Union, we strive to towards achieving the following:

  • Community Engagement : We collaborate with communities through organized groups to support local development and sustainability
  • Health:Through partnerships, we ensure that people, children and mothers especially no longer die from preventive causes due to issues of accessibility and affordability.
  • Education: By using advanced technologies, DERI fosters the education of all scholars irrespective of geographical location in order for them to benefit from quality education
  • Nutrition :DERI makes available a holistic approach in providing better feeding habits to communities in dire need so as to prevent acute malnutrition.
  • Gender Based Violence: We support and promote the rights of women by combatting policies promoting gender inequality and violence channelled on girls and women
  • Food Security: Conscious of the effects of climate change on food supply chains, we cooperate with entities to support farmers across the continentto maintain a continuum of basic human needs.
  • Entrepreneurship: We empower youth across Africa to become actors in their tomorrow by promoting entrepreneurial adventures and local initiatives.
  • Climate Change With our partners, we assist communities in which we operate in transforming economically and socially towards an environmentally friendly society.
  • Youth empowerment: Accelerate the promotion of women’s rights and the girl child, while fostering entrepreneurial ambitions for a sustainable tomorrow.
  • Governance and policy: we challenge the status quo by campaigning against bad governance and policies affecting minorities and marginalized communities
Our Services

Through our Division of Media and Communication in Emergencies and Development (DMCED), we reshape the landscape of media and communication by providing: Communication strategies, Assist in video and Animation creation for projects and campaigns, Social Media strategy, Photography communication/Graphic design, Digital publications, Editorial and content creation, as well as Branding.

We also intervene in project designing and implementation in the areas of Education, Health, Gender equality, Youth employment and Entrepreneurship. Your problem is our passion. The profits gotten from such collaborations are used to implement our internal projects which are tantamount for the realization of the SDGs in Cameroon.

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