DMCED's Services

The division of media & communication in emergencies & development (DMCED) is DERI's division in charge of public relations, advocacy, partnerships and communications. DMCED is armed with the goal of ensuring the diffusion of information using modern techniques to news coverage and media activities for every target audience. We let your message out, we make it spread down every channel. We deliver solid, cutting-edge technology, with a close attention to design, so as to sublimate your identity and guide our clients with ease to goods and services.

What We do ?

DMCED is a leading communication division in emergencies and development. We create, build, and deliver great looking content and campaigns that inspire and engage the public.

Communications Strategy

Great communications results don't just happen. Reaching your goals takes thought, research and detailed planning. We provide intelligent communications strategy across all key disciplines. We guide you through the strategic planning, audience analysis and behaviors, execution, monitoring and evaluation of your projects, so that every activity, no matter how small, builds to support your organization’s long-term communications objectives.

Video and Animation

Video and animation are now 'must haves' for every organization. Why? Because moving images achieve the highest levels of audience accessibility, message retention and emotional engagement. Your audiences now expect video to be at the center of your online presence, bringing your message or brand to life across on-line channels from corporate identity, promotion, development and emergency communications, product launches, advertising and engaging internal communications. We create, produce, and customize original moving images and films to tell and connect your stories. From concept to messaging, scriptwriting to storyboarding through to local or international production, post-production, language versions and localization.

Social Media Strategy

Our experienced in-house digital strategy team identifies the most appropriate social platforms, strategies and workflows that will engage both your current and potential audiences. If you already have a strategy in place and are looking to refresh it, you can use our team to do a social media audit for you and get new detailed recommendations.

Photography communication / Graphic Design

Original design is our passion. We bring together our clients needs and business strategy with clear, compelling visuals to deliver design our clients love. Our diverse design team generate style insights, sketches, wireframes, storyboards, animations, films and complete digital and print designs that wow your audiences and deliver strong visual impact.

Digital Publications

Extend the reach and interactivity of your print publications. Carbon-friendly, easily customized, measurable and interactive. Digital publications draw together your key content (text, images, charts, infographics, video) and deliver them efficiently to your multiple audience in the most effective way, at well below the cost of traditional print.

Editorial and Content Creation

We work collaboratively to get the insights we need to engage your audiences with high quality editorial content. We create fresh and compelling writing that is properly researched, structured, and developed to get the messaging just right. From in-house publications to retail magazines, brochures, annual reports, newsletters, email campaigns and infographics, our in-house editorial team supports English first language and multi-language editorial needs.


There's more to you than your logo. Is your brand working hard enough? Are you working your brand hard enough? Have you evolved faster than your brand? We work closely with clients through every step of the branding process, from market research to design, from branding guidelines to delivery. We safely handle the planning, strategic management and full execution of your project whether it’s the branding and positioning of a new company or service, or a complete rebranding.